Diane Sidebottom

Hello, my name is Diane, Laughing Earth Woman; thank you for stopping by. 

Simply put:
I Believe in Nature
I Believe in our Connection in Nature
I Believe in our Healing in Nature
I believe in the deep intuitive authentic
wisdom of our sacred Mother Earth. 
I believe in her ability to meet with and join us on our path of support and wellness, as we travel through this life.
She provides the place for us to discover, connect, heal and unify our existence.

My journey has taken many twists and turns, but foremost has been my connection to nature. Here, here is my fulfillment. There has come a time for me of understanding that what I am searching for is, wellness connection and acceptance. This I see as the inner beauty revolution; my invitation to explore what lies beneath the surface glitter, a space to find me, just me, a place of honour respect and love. This deep sacred space welcomes the imperfections, here true beauty is shown that is perfectly imperfect. 

So I welcome you on my explorations, perhaps by taking the journey we will all find connection. 

In grace and kindness 
Diane Sidebottom

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