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    Clay is alive. It is the oldest healing substance on Earth. Used for thousands of years to heal skin, it is a living dynamic substance appropriate for all skin conditions. Clay loosens clogged pores drawing impurities to the surface…

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    Farm to Face *TM

    Farm to Face evanhealy the skin breathes has sought out genuine connections and relationships with small family-owned farms with whose diversity of climate allows for different medicinal herbs, flowers and trees. Farmers ranging from Washingston State to the south of…

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    Menopause and the skin

    Menopause and the skin.The skin is metabolically teeming with life. It is one of the largest hormone secretor in the body and is the on-site manufacturer of approximately 50% of your immune cells. It has more hormones and enzymes…

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    The skin breathes

    ••The Skin Breathes••⠀⠀“It is made up of literally millions of tiny dermal passages regulating the inward movement of air, fluids, heat and light. ⠀In healthy skin, these passages are unobstructed, and each breath activates the absorption of…

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    Welcome to your Hydrating Facial

    ••Welcome to your Hydrating Facial••⠀⠀Drench your skin with a Hydrating Facial at Whole Touch Natural Wellness Centre.A 60 minute service truly focused on hydrating & nourishing your skin. ⠀During your treatment, your skin will be steamed allowing…

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    Heart of Summer

    Heart of Summer in the Dead of Winter⠀⠀Welcome to your heart of summer hydrosoul from evanhealy the skin breathes⠀⠀A blend of lavender, geranium, and lemon verbena; this scent smells like a dreamy summer’s day in a field of…

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    Biodiversify your Skin Care

    ••Biodiversify your Skin Care•• Change in our world, in our bodies and our skin is inevitable. Sure, we all have our “go to” when it comes to products, but our skin requires different supports during different phases.  Try…

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    Welcome to your Skin.

    Skin beautiful Skin. Your Body, your sanctuary, your sacred vessel; all held together by your skin. Are you wanting to learn and accept your skin? Lear how to honor your sacred wrapping paper. Join us for the…

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