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Hello, this is my page devoted to Astrology along with all other resonant practices and branches of knowledge. I offer readings or various depth that will give you a glimpse into the celestial configuration of your being. I intend this page to be a community of people freely conversing about this information and using it as a tool of self-empowerment and positive world change.

"My girl’s and I all had incredible readings. Tate is a beautiful soul with talented insight."
Colleen T
Winnipeg, MB
"A journey with Tate into your chart will alter and enhance your personal outlook. Defining ways that our existence is created and supported by the star world brings a full rich touch point in our life journey. I can not recommend Tate high enough, take the time to truly love yourself by taking a deep journey into your very essence."
Diane S
Winnipeg, MB

(204) 615-9933

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