Do you know why I am super excited?!

Do you want to know why I’m super excited?
Well… it’s because I have developed an Astrology Course that I would like as many people to be a part of as possible!

You’ve probably been interested in it to some degree, but have struggled to truly grasp the essence of it in a satisfying way.

You probably had a pretty clear idea of your Sun Sign, but then heard something else that seemed to contradict it or add another layer of complication.

I went through this in the beginning and it frustrated me a lot, but luckily my whacky obsessive mind went on a rampage of learning as much as possible.

Eventually, I came to where I am now, where I can fluently read charts and talk about all the planets, signs and houses with ease.

People usually ask how I do that and I say that it becomes like a language that you can simply speak in. Once you understand the alphabet and grammar behind it and have a few stories read in Astrological Language read to you, you will be able to write your own!

This is what my Astrology Course is going to deliver.

Together we will EXPERIENCE the fundamental concepts as vividly as we can through images, words, stories, concepts and tangible experience.

Astrology is not something easy to learn, especially if you’re just reading a book. Words only go so far, and while I will use words to convey ideas, I will also use many other modes of communicating to get the ideas across.

Astrology needs to stick inside your brain. Once it does, it’s basically impossible to ever lose your grasp of it, like riding a bike or playing an instrument.

Once you grasp it and have integrated it within yourself. You will never see life the same way again and you will hopefully have a far greater understanding and appreciation of yourself, others and the world around you.

The classes will be 2 hours each with a break between each hour.

The first two will be April 11th and 18th.
The last two will be May 9th and 16th.

After each class I will give everyone take home material that they can use to absorb everything taught in each

My goal by the end of the four classes is for everyone in the course to have a satisfying grasp of all the fundamentals of Astrology!

The course will be held at Whole Touch Natural Wellness and Spa on 364 Stafford St. from 6:30 – 8:30 each day.

It took me about two years and hundreds of dollar to get to the point where I am now, but this course will cost a one-time fee of $99 and take place over the span of a month.

So it will definitely be a lot more efficient and affordable to learn this way!

If this sounds like something you are into, just message me or Whole Touch Natural Wellness and Spa!

I hope to see your faces there and witness the stars ignite behind them!

Love, Light and Peace be with you!


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