New Moon in Aquarius

February New Moon February 4, 2019

New moon in Aquarius heralds a time of change. Step into the invitation of originality, innovation, doing things differently, up leveling. This is a time of forward thinking, of activating our activism. Set intentions aligning us with co-creating WITH the universe. A time to balance the lower and higher mind into alignment and focus. 
Listen for brilliant ideas and insights which will equal new innovations.

We may feel unsure of ourselves in this space of innovation, but as we rest easy here it becomes more familiar and comfortable. If we are feeling discomfort it is as affirmation that we are in a path of expansion and freedom. 
This new moon is a time of breakthrough. A collective and a personal time of awakening.

Releasing limiting beliefs. 
Releasing old patterns.

We may release friends from our past that are no longer ‘in alignment’ with ourselves. Our rising desire is to seek like minded people.

It is a time of destruction and rage, we can take this energy, this force to gives us intensity and focused drive to create effectively. We can find creativity through frustration. So bring your consciousness to these places of frustration. Ask and find illumination of what is really at hand so you can bring change and rebalancing.

This is an opening of a collective shadow of extreme. Why and why now? What is the need? Change. Arise the collective consciousness. Understanding the shadow of unconsciousness and rise to the conscious of healing soul practice. Healing at an ancient soul level. Our trigger is,are we standing in dignity and sovereignty? Create or destroy, this is the energy at hand. Power vs Force. Power is magnetizing to you from deep within. 
Force is destruction. 
It is a time to create a container of what we want to grow in a positive practical way.

Intentions, New Beginnings, Community Gatherings. We are not alone, we are part of the fabric of society and humanity. Our own individual evolution impacts the collective. Yes, each and everyone of us holds a space. Even when we feel alone,we are evolving so we can attract others of like mind.

So engage in up levelling and upgrading Your own life.

Up levelling and upgrading Your community. What can you do to help your community?

Up levelling and upgrading The World. What does humanity need that you can help by adding your intentions and wishes, to help create that in the world.

Think Bigger. Think Further.

You have the power to create the New Future

See you on the evolutionary tract 
Diane Sidebottom

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