A time of change and opening. Growth and expansion during an exploratory period. Explore the questions of deepest beliefs. This is a time to go into a new direction, to enter a larger more significant journey. An invitation to journey into self security. ⠀
Old historic stories may rise to surface to expose past wounds allowing us to heal parts of ourselves. Self acceptance, rise to be your own parent. Pat your own self in your back, sooth yourself. ⠀
Live in balance, lighting your inner flame of passion, bringing change and transformation. ⠀
When we open to be more vulnerable we bring forward the wisdom l, divine feminine, nurture and nourish the deep emotional self. The place to safely connect with others in their deep raw nature. ⠀

Full purposeful living, breaking out of the past. This could be a time of extremes. To go to far out is choosing to not deal with life or have healthy boundaries in physical emotional health. The key here is balance stay in the middle range of the swinging pendulum. Stay in the middle don’t run away so as to get truly into self mastery. ⠀

As Taurus sits in Uranus until 2025 this is a time security in evolving. Uranus energy is a mover and a shaker, a change agent to bring us forward. Taurus, in contrast is slow and steady, come into the body. So prepare for potential shocking shifts in global economy, awareness of our senses and body. What do we need to be more sovereign? What does the earth need? Learning to take care of ourselves and our earth in a simplistic, wholistic,creative, spacious practices. We are starving for soul nourishment. It is time to return to our origin. ⠀

So what are we building now for a better self and world of the future. We need to move into NOW care, hope no longer serves us, hope keeps us from the present moment. And the present moment is the only place that change happens. Step into a new now. ⠀

Diane Sidebottom

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