Introducing Astrology Thursdays with Tate

“If the moon can control the tides of the ocean and our bodies are made up of 60% water, how could that not affect us?!”⠀

Introducing Astrology Thursday’s with Tate! ⠀

With 5 years of experience, Tates interest started while helping people renew their passports. ⠀
He noticed that certain patterns followed certain birth dates and so, he began his journey into the massive universe of Astrology. ⠀

From doing compatibility tests with potential love interests to studying his own birth chart in great detail, Tate has since become fascinated with helping others understand the influences affecting their life! ⠀

Lucky for you Tate will be taking bookings and walk ins on Thursdays from noon-8pm⠀

Call Whole Touch to book!

(204) 615-9933

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