About us

Whole Touch is a wellness spa focused on natural beauty that incorporates natural, locally based products into traditional salon/spa services. We strive to provide the highest quality of products, services and customer care.



Nature and Nurture!

What makes us different at Whole Touch is our products and our perspective on the beauty industry. Half of understanding who we are as a business is understanding the products and the meaning behind our products, we aim to help all of our cherished clients with the healthiest beauty products and make them accessible in a world where natural beauty is hidden behind big brand name, toxic products. The products you see used and sold at our centre are raw, organic, wildcrafted plant products and as local and respectful of our environment as possible. The idea is to bring the healing matrix of plants and nature forward to nurture our clients in their explorations of combining well being with beauty.


What is Beaty in Wellness?

Well, our perspective is beauty and wellness is all about worthiness. In order to be beautiful you have to feel worthy enough to take the leap into caring for yourself rather than caring about what is in the mirror. Self worth is a vital part of our philosophy as we are so judged as humans by the beauty industry and it is a constant reminder of the expectations we have as beings. The idea behind putting self worth into beauty is that you actually focus on the products and services that love your body and provide you with nutrients. We believe that beings that are cared for, and viewed as worthy are beaming with beauty. Natural beauty is not what you see in a magazine or on a billboard but it is in fact more beautiful than anything you have ever seen because it allows you to be you and a healthier version of you.


The mind is body and the body is mind.

Beautifying the mind is to beautify the body.

Beautifying the body is to beautify the soul

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